Value-Added Services

From Precipitation to Quality Control: Our Value-Added Services Enhance Our Products and Solutions.


Accurate precipitation data is essential for various applications, but it often exhibits significant reporting variability due to differences in measurement intervals, techniques, instruments, and reporting conventions. To address this challenge, Synoptic has developed a cutting-edge Precipitation Service that organizes this data into a uniform format, ensuring consistency and comparability. This service streamlines data processing, saving time and effort, and allows customers to access reliable and standardized precipitation data, enabling them to focus on their specific needs and gain valuable insights.

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Quality Control

To ensure data reliability, Synoptic conducts real-time Quality Control (QC) on incoming data, identifying implausible values and providing trustworthy insights through the Weather API. This QC process accounts for variances in data collection from different weather sources, addressing issues like sensor failure, poor calibration, and data transmission errors to ensure that the data remains physically plausible and useful for various applications.

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Push Streaming

Synoptic’s Push Streaming Service offers users a customizable, real-time data feed, reducing the need for repeated requests to the Weather API. It allows users to receive all available observations or to focus on specific stations, locations, or data thresholds, making it a highly efficient tool for accessing real-time data with quality control checks for confident decision-making.

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Esri ArcGIS Weather Layer

Synoptic is a proud Esri partner and you can now get the Latest Weather Observations in the ArcGIS Marketplace. Real-time weather data that can seamlessly integrate into geographical information systems (GIS) can enhance decision-making by allowing users to visualize and analyze weather patterns, aiding in disaster management, resource allocation, and infrastructure planning. Additionally, it enables the tracking of weather-related variables over time, facilitating trend analysis and informed long-term planning.

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