Privacy Policy

My Personal Information in Synoptic

Synoptic Data is committed to protecting your privacy while online. We want to quickly outline some of the technology we use in your browser to make our services work online.

Our complete privacy policy is available in our Terms and Conditions

Your Information

What information do we collect? By manually affirming this policy we will collect anonymized web page user analytics (which do not collect identifiable information). By creating an account with Synoptic we will collect and store basic personal, payment, and/or authentication information which is only available within Synoptic. By logging in to our services we will store your current IP address and nearest city/postal code at the time of log in. We do not record or store any identifiable information from anonymous users.

Who is collecting information? All information collected from you is either by Synoptic Data Corporation itself, or anonymized by Google Analytics.

How is it collected? We collect basic networking information when your web browser connects to our servers or when you enter it in a web form and it is sent to our servers. Analytics information is collected by a special request that is made after you have loaded our page.

Why are we collecting this information? Synoptic collects personal information for three reasons:

  1. Security. We collect IP information as part of how we protect your account from being spoofed from another location.

  2. Our relationship. When you use our products and services, we may want to contact each other. In order to do so effectively, we would like to have your name and basic contact information (which you manually provide to us).

  3. Convenience and personalization. We collect a small amount of information simply so we can present you a more personalized web experience, like showing your Gravitar icon or saying hello by name when you first arrive.

Who will this information be shared with? User information we collect from you or automatically (such as profile information, user history, or IP addresses) is never shared outside our organization and our third-party data processors, which operate in compliance with this policy. Your personal data is never shared with any entity which would use it for their own purposes.

How can I request my information be deleted? Though your personal information is held by Synoptic only for the purpose of facilitating your relationship with us, you may send an email with a written request to have your personal information deleted, along with corresponding documentation (explanation of eligibility, justification, and proof of identity) to

Web Browser Cookies

Cookies and local storage allow us to store some information on your web browser so we can recognize you when you come back. We store two types of information on your web browser:

  1. Settings, configurations, and preferences for specific applications, so they remember where you were when you return (memory)

  2. Unique identifiers so we can know you are logged in to a Synoptic or Synoptic Labs service (authentication)

By manually affirming that you agree to how we use cookies, we will automatically store many of these memory-type cookies on your browser. These cookies are usually accessible only to the application that created them (a specific map display, for example), and never contain personally identifiable information. At this time you cannot prevent this behavior.

Another type of memory cookie we use is to set a short encoded string that helps us know when your browser makes multiple requests that it is coming from the same person. This is used for security purposes to prevent cross-site-scripting, contains no identifiable information either in the cookie or on our servers, and cannot be disabled, even if you do not affirm to our use of cookies (we do not allow you to disable basic protection).

Authentication cookies contain a unique session identifier that relates internally to your identity when you are logged-in to our web products. The cookie itself is secure, only accessible to our web domains (,, and, and its internal value is inaccessible outside our systems. By signing into our systems, you are agreeing to using this system. If you do not agree to the information we store in the authentication process, you cannot have a web-based account with Synoptic Data.

You can disable our cookies through your browser settings, by either preventing all cookies or asking for permission. Be aware that taking these steps will degrade your online experience with Synoptic.

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