Push Streaming Service

Let us do the work and set up a direct connection to the weather data you need.

Synoptic Data’s Push Streaming service is a customizable flow of real time data. This service allows users to plug into a real-time data stream with quality control checks so you can get data that you can trust. You can push all available observations, or, focus on the data that matters the most to you by filtering the data stream. The Push Streaming Service is a highly efficient websocket tool that reduces the back-end processing requirements for all users that need access to real-time data. Push Streaming sends all data for the specified stations and parameters, giving the user the full picture of conditions in the areas of interest.

Filters can be applied to the data to reduce the stream of data. The user can filter the data to include one or more thresholds that must be exceeded for the data to be pushed. Examples include getting only wind speed observations that exceed 30 mph or temperatures that fall below 0°F.

See for yourself! Try our Push Streaming Service demo to see how it can serve your needs.

For more information on our Push Streaming Service see the Push Streaming developers page, and visit our Pricing (Internal pricing page) page for information on accessing this service.

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