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Own a Weather Station or Sensor? Join Our Network and Share Your Data With the World.

Are you interested in being a weather or environmental data provider?

At Synoptic we’re continuously seeking new environmental data sets to enhance our extensive archive of tens of thousands of stations. We offer data providers an exceptional opportunity to introduce their data to an entirely new audience, opening up a world of possibilities and applications. By partnering with Synoptic, you not only bolster the support for your data but also maximize the return on your investment.

As a Public Benefit Corporation and a B Corp, Synoptic is committed to nurturing a collaborative exchange of environmental information for all to enhance public safety, improve the productivity of government agencies and commercial entities, and assist in research and educational initiatives to advance the understanding of Earth systems.

Synoptic takes care of all the heavy lifting. We handle the ingest while you retain full control over your data. It can be used as a public service or we can resell it on your behalf. You can choose whether your data can be accessed to a broad user base or confined to specific user communities. Whether you possess 10,000 stations or just 5, we’re ready to facilitate the seamless flow of your valuable data.

Join us in creating a world where environmental data is readily accessible, making a significant impact on the way we understand and interact with our environment. Together we can propel data sharing to new heights and unlock the full potential of your valuable environmental data.

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