Enhance Resolution and Performance with Advanced Weather Data for ML and AI Applications

We provide high fidelity historical and real time weather observations to add as your primary or supplemental training dataset.

Introducing the Synoptic Weather API

Empower your statistical modeling with our robust and scalable Weather API. Designed to be fast and scalable for projects big and small. Gain access to our extensive collection of real-time and historical data, enabling you to train, tune, and validate statistical modeling efforts.


Key Features:

  • Request-based RESTful API
  • Flexible outputs: JSON, geoJSON, CSV, and XML formats for various services
  • Special services and parameters for quick access to critical data requests
  • Integrated quality control to identify and eliminate erroneous values
  • Control panel for monitoring usage and managing access tokens
  • CORS and JSONP support for seamless integration into web applications
  • Proprietary data access and unlimited concurrent requests available for enterprise customers

What makes Synoptic different?

The nation's most comprehensive set of real-time measured data.
Quality Control
Advanced quality checks on both new and historical data sets.
A network of networks, including 120,000+ observation stations.

Ready to make smarter weather decisions?