Synoptic is pleased to confirm the integration of the National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) network into the Synoptic API and Data Viewer. This expansive network comprises over 900 weather stations, and its data is now publicly accessible to all users in our platforms.

About the National Data Buoy Center

The National Data Buoy Center, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), plays a critical role in monitoring oceanographic and meteorological conditions. Established in 1967, the NDBC has evolved into a cornerstone of marine and atmospheric data collection, providing crucial information for weather forecasting, climate research, and public safety.

NDBC stations are strategically placed in oceans, seas, and lakes around the world. These stations gather a wide range of data, including:

  • Meteorological Variables: Wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, and relative humidity.
  • Oceanographic Variables: Sea surface temperature, wave height and period, and ocean currents.
  • Other Environmental Variables: Water quality parameters and various atmospheric gases.

Enhancements with Synoptic’s Integration

A noteworthy aspect of the NDBC network is its diverse history—some NDBC stations were originally part of other marine networks. The NDBC network consisted of several subnetworks, each reporting different variables at varying frequencies. Synoptic’s integration brings all these subnetworks together within our Weather API and Data Viewer, enhancing the accessibility and utility of this valuable data for all users. By consolidating all station data, users can view more stations and access a broader array of variables. They also get higher reporting frequencies than ever before.

The integration of NDBC data into Synoptic’s platform means users can now access this comprehensive set of data in a streamlined and user-friendly interface. Researchers, meteorologists, mariners, and the general public can all benefit from the increased granularity and frequency of updates, enabling better decision-making and situational awareness.

Synoptic Data Viewer - NDBC network
Select the NDBC network from the list of custom networks in the Data Viewer to view all the stations.

Why This Matters

The availability of NDBC data on Synoptic’s platform highlights our commitment to providing high-quality, real-time environmental data. This integration supports a wide range of applications, including:

  • Weather Forecasting: Improved data inputs for more accurate weather models and forecasts.
  • Maritime Safety: Enhanced situational awareness for shipping and fishing industries, leading to safer navigation.
  • Climate Research: Comprehensive historical and real-time data to support studies on climate change and its impacts.
  • Public Awareness: Providing the general public with accessible weather and ocean data to better understand their environment.

Explore the NDBC data now on Synoptic’s Data Viewer and take advantage of this comprehensive weather information resource. We are excited to see how this data will be utilized across various fields and by our diverse user base.

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