Synoptic Data PBC aids in the exchange of Earth Data to allow government agencies, businesses, and the public easy access to environmental information for use in their daily activities, operations, and decision-making processes.

Surface Observations

We maintain one of the most comprehensive real-time and historical archives of surface observing systems available.

The majority of our station data is made publicly available at little or no cost to the public. Proprietary data can be licensed for a fee.

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Additional datasets available through Synoptic Data



We are the exclusive source for FLYHT’s commercial-aircraft-based TAMDAR™ meteorological sensors.


Through a close partnership with MetStat®, we offer access to the United States’ largest real-time quality controlled precipitation gauge dataset.

Are you interested in being a data provider?

Synoptic provides data from hundreds of companies, organizations, agencies, and individuals to build the powerful and useful network of observing platforms we have today. Whether you have 10,000 stations or 5; whether you want to make your data visible to the entire world or keep it restricted, we are ready and waiting to get your data flowing.

Synoptic’s developers have spent years developing powerful tools for users to access the information they want as quickly and easily as possible.

Web Downloads

Anyone is welcome to use our public download tool to get up to 3 million hours of CSV surface data every month completely free!


Mesonet API

Our API web service gives nearly limitless access to as much or as little data as you require. Bring our data into your programs, web applications, and workflows easily using simple arguments. Receive the data in JSON, XML, CSV or several other popular formats.

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Alert and Push API

This service allows the user to quickly connect and “listen” to all available observations without having to continuously query the API. All new observations for your location and area of interest will be automatically pushed to your system. You can also set up thresholds and be alerted when observations meet this criteria.


Enterprise Services

Do you require proprietary data? Do you need increased support for your company and/or application? Synoptic provides enterprise level services to suit your needs.