The University of Utah, in Salt Lake City, UT, has a long and important relationship with Synoptic. The Atmospheric Sciences department there has been the home to MesoWest for over 20 years, which is where many of the resources that ultimately became Synoptic began.

Synoptic Data PBC provides a larger free access limit for data users with a bonafide connection to ongoing work at the University of Utah.

To receive this access, use and verify your email address as your primary account email, and you’ll be automatically granted these limits. If you want to use our services for commercial or entirely non-university-related/personal purposes, simply change to another email address.

Mesonet API Free Usage Increase

  • Requests
    5,000 to 100,000

  • Service Units
    5 million to 1.5 billion

per month

Eligibility To be eligible you must have access to an email address ending with, and you must keep this address as your primary account email for the entire time you use our services. You will be asked to re-verify your access to your defined email address annually. Does not waive any fees regarding streaming data access products. Usage will be provided by commodity API servers. Contact us to learn more or discuss specific data requirements if they may exceed these limits. This resource is provided to affiliates of the University of Utah in recognition of the relationship Synoptic has with that institution, and this program may be terminated at any time without notificaiton. Data uses through this program are expected to align either with ongoing efforts at the University of Utah, or the personal non-commerical activities of Univeristy of Utah affiliated students, faculty, staff and others. Other email domains such as are not supported for the purposes of this service, and accounts using those email addresses will not receive increased service limits.