Tens of thousands of geophysical sensors are constantly monitoring our Earth, its oceans, and its atmosphere daily.

But that data is scattered into countless databases and formats, often inaccessible to the users who need it.

Current temperatures. Pan around and explore!

That's where Synoptic comes in.  As a Public Benefit Corporation, our mission is to gather as much of this data as possible and aggregate it into a single data repository for easy access by the public, private industry, and both domestic and international governmental agencies.  We collect data from tens of thousands of observing stations globally, both surface-based and upper-air, yielding millions of observations per day at temporal resolutions as granular as 1 minute. We serve approximately 1.5 million requests daily. Not only do we collect and aggregate this data, but we quality control and quality assure each observation that passes through our system, providing an unmatched value-added service for our customers. Surface-based environmental data such as road conditions, soil moisture, solar radiation, and vegetative fuel state as well as the customary meteorological parameters are currently available in real-time via the Mesonet API. Learn more about the Mesonet API here.

In addition to straight data feeds of observational data, Synoptic collaborates with selected partners to bring innovative industry-leading data sets to the market. In collaboration with MetStat® Inc, Synoptic generates the United States’ largest real-time quality-controlled precipitation gauge dataset via its Real-Time Precipitation Gauge Acquisition and Quality Control service, which provides a continuously updated feed of precipitation gauge readings as well as an associated quality control value for each, generated by integrating and comparing precipitation data from other sources, including weather radar and satellite data. Learn more about RPGQC here.

Data throughout the boundary layer is critical to operational forecasting, Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP), and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning techniques. It is undoubtedly some of the most important information one can observe. Synoptic has teamed up with FLYHT™ as the exclusive reseller of their TAMDAR™ data. Their aircraft-based sensor measures vertical profiles (known as soundings) of temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, relative humidity, icing, and turbulence during ascents and descents and while the aircraft is cruising at altitude. Learn more about TAMDAR™ here.

We are focused on the continued aggregation of all geophysical data as well as adding new and exciting technologies. Do you have data that fits the bill? Click here, fill out the form, and let us know!


Here are A FEW applications that use DATA FROM Synoptic, created by Synoptic and its partnerS.

These animations capture some of the geographic and temporal distribution of our data.

Synoptic Data Submission:

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