Hundreds of thousands of geophysical sensors are constantly monitoring our Earth, its oceans, and its atmosphere.

But that data is scattered into countless databases and formats, often inaccessible to the users who need it.

That's where Synoptic comes in.  Our mission is to gather as much of that data as possible into a single repository and make it easy to access and easy to use with a high degree of confidence.  We already collect data from tens of thousands of observing stations, yielding millions of observations per day, as well as related environmental data like road conditions, soil moisture, and vegetative fuel state.  And we're adding more data every day.
Our current focus is on the continued aggregation of geophysical observations from multiple sources and the distribution of that data, in real- or near-real-time, via the Synoptic API (SYNAPI).  SYNAPI allows developers to access this observational data, and the associated SYNAPI toolkit provides tools, widgets, and mashups that allow developers to build their own custom applications.


Here are some applications that use DATA FROM Synoptic, created by Synoptic and its partner companies.

These animations capture some of the geographic and temporal distribution of our data.

Synoptic Data Submission:

Synoptic Data Latency: