Precipitation measurements are notoriously unreliable and hard to quality control. That is why Synoptic has teamed with MetStat® to generate the United States’ largest real-time quality-controlled 1-hour precipitation gauge dataset. The Real-Time Precipitation Gauge Acquisition and Quality Control service, RPGQC for short, delivers reliable precipitation gauge information for nearly 25,000 stations throughout the US and Canada.

Precipitation data is acquired in real-time and run through a six-stage multi-sensor QC algorithm. This multi-sensor algorithm takes in data from surrounding rain gauges, dual-polarization radar QPE (quantitative precipitation estimates), radar reflectivity, NWS Stage IV gauge-adjusted radar-estimated rain data, satellite-estimated rain data and many other datasets to ensure the highest quality data.

Through these algorithms, a QC confidence flag is computed for each data point at each stage. By comparing data from a specified gauge to surrounding sensors and data points, this flag (ranging from 0 to 1) helps the user objectively determine how confident they can be in the precipitation value that the gauge is reporting. This multi-stage process produces an extensive and highly accurate precipitation gauge database that can be used for multiple applications, from agriculture to transportation to Numerical Weather Prediction.


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