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Monthly Fee*

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API Servers

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Community Access


5 million





GitHub Issues, email

Community Server Pool

3 Million Station-hours



1.5 Billion^


$0.05 per 1000

$0.15 per 1 million


GH Issues, priority email

Scaling Production Servers

3 Million Station-hours

Requests are a count incremented whenever you asked our API for data or metadata.

Service Units (SUs) are a measure of requested data volume. It is calculated as the total number of measurements delivered and/or accessed in an interaction with Synoptic. For example, a station data for 2 hours from 2 stations, which measure 6 variables 4 times an hour, would use 2 hours * 2 stations * 6 variables * 4 per hour, equalling 96 SUs.

* Monthly Fee only applies after use exceeds the Community Access levels. For example, a pay-as-you-go customer making 4500 requests a month with under 5m SUs will not incur any charge or flat fee for that month.

^ Users requiring over 1.5 billion SUs per month will require an Enterprise contract with Synoptic, which you can learn more about below. A billion SUs represent over a million latest requests for around 100 stations. Or requesting a year of data from 4500 stations.


Alert and Push Services

per million delivered SU

per listening hour


Any account with valid payment information stored may access our streaming products. There is no free tier for streaming usage.

  • Listening-hours determine how many hours each connection has been listening. Two connections listening for 10 hours would equal 20 listening hours.

  • Service Units (SUs) for the streaming services are the same as for API access.


Enterprise Services

Premium access

We’ll work with you to create a plan which can involve features such as large volume data access, SLAs, or advanced technical support.


Some Extra Points

Visit our terms and conditions for the complete details, but here are some important notes

  • A pay-as-you-go plan is activated by adding a credit card to your account

  • All pay-as-you-go charges are monthly, and will be debited automatically from a valid credit card on file on the first day of the month following the period billed

  • Synoptic does not directly handle credit card or billing information, we partner with Stripe to handle all financial information

  • Prices and charges are in US Dollars