Synoptic’s Mesonet API is an expansive geophysical database of both historical and real-time surface-based weather observations from over 75,000 public and private observing stations, creating upwards of 34 million observations available to you, the user. This REST API is a request-based data delivery service using a simple HTTP call that can extract minutes or years of data in seconds for locations across the globe. The API allows for complete customization via the API call. A user can request specific variables at any time for an exact location anywhere on the globe. Need to find all stations within a certain radius? The API can do that too!

There are a multitude of API services. Below is a quick introduction to those that are most widely used. To learn more and get access to the API, click on the Get Started button below.


Time Series: Returns data for a station or set of stations based on a user-defined time span.

Latest: Returns the most recent observation from a station or set of stations.

Nearest Time: Returns the observation closest to the time requested.


Metadata: Returns station metadata including location, elevation, and parameters observed.


  • improved licensing, data rights management,
    and quality control

  • improved data and metadata uploading,
    editing, and viewing

  • sensor network management services

  • collection and management of data user fees

  • support for customized alerting and reporting algorithms

  • observation and sensor assessment

Due to the nature of our company as a Public Benefit Corporation, use of the Mesonet API (up to a certain number of requests) is free. This can be accomplished either through the use of an API call or via the Download tool. If you need more support or a more advanced service, we offer pay-as-you-go plans and enterprise contracts for industry partners. See our Pricing page for more information.

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