Operate Geophysical Sensors?  Want your data in Synoptic?

We're rapidly expanding our catalog of geophysical data sets.

Synoptic is continuously seeking new geophysical data sets and provides data owners with a tremendous opportunity to expose their data to a whole new set of users and uses.  Leveraging your data through Synoptic can increase support for your data many-fold and increase the return on your investment.
As a Data Owner, you retain complete control over how your data is handled and distributed.  Based on your instructions, Synoptic can make the data free and open, provide tightly controlled access to the data, or even facilitate paid licensing.  The choice is yours, and the Synoptic infrastructure is being designed from the ground up to execute this effortlessly on your behalf.

Want your data to be available via Synoptic?

Tell us about the data you have and any restrictions you want to place on its use.

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