Synoptic is on the move!

Synoptic has been a leader in the aggregation and dissemination of geophysical data since 2012.

Drawing on the experience and skills of the University of Utah’s MesoWest program and selected partners in industry and academia, Synoptic scored early success providing groundbreaking support to NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) as part of the National Mesonet Program. In the years since, Synoptic has continued to spearhead this highly successful Public-Private Partnership and is now serving as one of the Program's Lead Subcontractors. By facilitating access to various datasets and bridging the gap between the NWS and the Program’s partners, Synoptic has increased exposure for and use of millions of observations that were otherwise unavailable to the NWS, forming the backbone of a unique collaborative partnership that continues to thrive. Additionally, Synoptic operates a robust API that provides access to millions of daily surface observations with time granularity down to minutes. Under a contract signed in 2018, Synoptic has also recently become the primary reseller of FLYHT’s TAMDAR™ sensor data, which provides extremely valuable aircraft-based weather measurements throughout the boundary layer. We are continuing to refine our technology and add new capabilities as we steadily expand to meet the needs of a growing private and public sector customer base.

In order to achieve this and adapt and evolve as a company, Synoptic officially became a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) in the Fall of 2018. As a PBC, Synoptic demonstrates its commitment to its customers, stakeholders, and shareholders and promises to follow and fulfill its mission statement as described below:

"To provide expanded access to environmental data to enhance public safety, improve the productivity of government agencies and commercial entities, and assist in research and educational initiatives to advance the understanding of Earth systems.”

As we move through 2018 and beyond, Synoptic is growing rapidly. We are hiring new personnel to support an increased operational tempo and to quickly bring on new customers and data sets.

We’d love for you to join us!