Taking advantage of the latest in MesoWest technology 

As part of its partnership with the University of Utah and MesoWest, Synoptic has established a Synoptic Labs group that is specifically tasked with continually integrating the latest in MesoWest technology into Synoptic's operations. 

The research and development efforts carried out at MesoWest over the past twenty years have dramatically enhanced access to environmental observations from below the ground up through the atmospheric boundary layer.
Through Synoptic Labs, Synoptic is uniquely positioned to take maximum advantage of the ongoing cutting edge research and development that MesoWest continues to carry out.  Personnel from the two groups work closely on problems of common interest, leveraging the capabilities of each to accelerate progress in satisfying their respective customer needs.

For more information on the Synoptic Labs - MesoWest collaboration, go to www.synopticlabs.org.