Synoptic data sources include over 20,000 public domain weather and oceanographic observing stations

generating a continuous data stream that includes almost a million individual direct observations per day, as well as related environmental data like road conditions, soil moisture, and vegetative fuel  state.  We are expanding quickly to access, archive, and disseminate additional data to meet the geophysical community’s needs.

Synoptic’s current focus is on continued aggregation of observed geophysical data from multiple sources and the distribution of that data, with real- or near real-time accessibility, via Synoptic’s API (SYNAPI).  SYNAPI allows developers to access this observational data, while the associated SYNAPI toolkit provides tools, widgets, and mashups that allow developers to build their own custom applications.

Synoptic is already processing thousands of observations from across the United States. These animations illustrate that flow of data into Synoptic from multiple sources.

Synoptic Data Submission:

Synoptic Data Latency: