Hundreds of thousands of geophysical sensors are constantly monitoring our Earth, its oceans, and its atmosphere daily.

But that data is scattered into countless databases and formats, often inaccessible to the users who need it.

That's where Synoptic comes in.  Our mission as a Public Benefit Corporation is to gather as much of that data as possible and aggregate it into a single data repository for easy access and ease of use.  We collect data from tens of thousands of observing stations, yielding millions of observations per day at time resolutions as granular as 5 minutes. Environmental data such as road conditions, soil moisture, and vegetative fuel state as well as the customary meteorological parameters are currently available in real-time via the surface-based Mesonet API.  We are focused on the continued aggregation of this geophysical data as well as adding new and exciting technologies. And we're adding more data every day.


  • improved licensing, data rights management,
    and quality control

  • improved data and metadata uploading,
    editing, and viewing

  • sensor network management services

  • collection and management of data user fees

  • support for customized alerting and reporting algorithms

  • observation and sensor assessment

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